Of capital repair organization for MI-8, MI-17, MI-171 helicopters

Basic capital repair program with additional works for Mi-8MTV-1 takes approximately 60 days and includes:

The repairing cost of an aircraft including all expenses necessary for the performance of work provided for by the repair technology. In addition, the cost of repairs includes the following works that are not provided for by the repair technology:

  • installation of tires of the front and of the first category main wheels
  • painting with polyurethane enamel according to the customers scheme
  • replacing the steering rotor control circuit
  • repair of the tail gearbox (HR), repair of the intermediate gearbox (PR), repair of the swash plate (AP), repair of the rotor hub (VNV), repair of the fan, repair of 3 KAUs (combined control units) and RA-60

The repair works that are not usually included in the price and paid by the customer for additional costs are:

  • Implementation of the aircraft improvements according to industry bulletins abbroved by the customer;
  • Re-equipment of the aircraft in various options at the request of the customer;
  • Additional work by the request of the customer for the repair of the equipment which is not provided for by the standard (technical specifications) for the aircraft equipment, including the repair of MVL equipment;
  • Additional costs for the  repair, manufacturing the parts, aircraft testing related to its unsatisfactory or non-flying technical condition;
  • Extension of the resources and service life of aircraft, and its parts and aggregates;
  • Replacement of the aggregates and components that have worked out the assigned resource with the aggregates from the funds of the contractor on the basis of resource bulletins and service life as approved by the customer;
  • Providing the extra tail rotor blades 8-3904-000 of the first category;
  • Other works that is not stipulated by the aircraft overhaul technology.

The costs of spare parts, components and aggregates for the Mi-8MTV-1 (AMT) helicopter are paid by the owner of the helicopter independently and are not included in the cost of the list of the repair works, but are delivered to the repair plant along with the helicopter, or in the the process of performing the repair works are: 

  • aircraft engines TV3-117VM
  • upper main gearbox BP-14
  • rotor blades (LNV)
  • tail rotor blades (LRV)