A&REO: Avionics and Radio Equipment Diagnistics and Repair

«Mountain Helicopters» Group of Companies  performs a full range of diagnostics, checks and repairs of the aircraft avionics and radio-electronic equipment for all types of Mi-8 helicopters, which includes a full range of batteries, cabin lighting, backlight system, loading hatch lighting system, headlights , strobe lights, electrical harnesses, including the external pendants and emergency hatch reset buttons.

Among other things, the repair and diagnostics of A&REO involves checking of automatic protection systems, engines anti-icing systems, PT-500Ts and PO-750A converters, EMT-2 electromagnetic brakes, KO-50 heater fan, RN-600 voltage regulator, finger and wire insulators, emergency R-855UM radio stations, tape recorders, BUR, SARP, emergency beacon blocks, control units and antennas, monoblock mounts, LDPE, TNV, aeronautical-aerobatic complex and other most important equipment for helicopter life support.