Delivery of fuels of all kinds with mobile tanks

One of the main problems facing our company is to provide our partners with a “comprehensive service”.

In this regard, The “Mountain Helicopters” Group of Companies offers safe, efficient, professional, and most importantly low-cost performance of any air transportation with the provision of refueling of your corporate transport at objects of any distance (fields, oil rigs, etc.) using mobile fuel tanks method developed by the Barneo Arctic High-Latitude Arctic Airborne Landing Management. This landing assumes the adaptation of cargo for landing (dumping) with several certified parachutesand placing it on special skids on an IL-76 aircraft. The tank is dropped at low speed with mechanization released at  low altitudes. Cargo tonnage is determined individually and can reach up to 15 - 20 tons. Tank jamming is excluded due to the quality of the parachute wing and the shock-absorbing touchdown points of the special pallets on which the cargo is located.

The mobile tank is designed and manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards to ensure maximum reliability and safety.

The outer lining of the tank is highly abrasive and resistant to weathering, which prevents damage during operation and ensures a long service life.

The inside of the tank is specially protected to guarantee the high quality of transported petroleum products conforming to the quality certificate. In addition, the container is equipped with an air bleed valve to eliminate the risk of explosion during filling and to ensure maximum capacity loading.

To prevent overpressure and subsequent rupture of the cylinder, one more pressure limiting valve can be installed.


Capacity    —     1955 liters
Dry (empty) weight     —    125 kg
Full weight with fuel   —   about 1,500 kg (depending on fuel density)
Dimensions       —   1.549 m x 1.364 m
Temperature range    —   +70°C to −26°C