Purchasing helicopters

One more sphere of our business is the acquisition of Mi-2, Mi-2M, Mi-8T, Mi-8PS, Mi-8MT, Mi-17-1V, Mi-17, Mi-17V-5, Mi-8MTV-1, Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-8AMT, Mi-8AMTVSh-VA, Mi-171E, Mi-171A1, Mi-171A2, Mi-24, Mi-26, Mi-26T, Ka-32A, Ka-32T, Ka- 32A-11BC helicopters by way of purchase. We can buy your aircraft for its further operation, arrange the full cycle of necessary maintenance at the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant for further sale of the helicopter, and more than that, we can conclude with you an appropriate contract for sale of your aircraft, both in the domestic and foreign markets.