Mi-8MTV-1/AMT (Mi-17, Mi-171) capital repair

The following works are carried out in the scope of an overhaul of the Mi-8MTV-1/AMT (Mi-17, Mi-171) helicopter:

1. Overhaul of a helicopter glider and its systems, including:

  • fuselage repair
  • control system and hydraulic system;
  • chassis equipment;
  • pneumatic equipment;
  • TV3-117MT engines with conversion to TV3-117VM profile;
  • gearbox VR-14;
  • AI-9V engine;
  • air conditioning system;
  • fire fighting equipment and neutral gas system;
  • electrical equipment;
  • flight and navigation equipment;
  • control devices for fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems;
  • electronic and navigation equipment;
  • lighting and signaling equipment;
  • performance of mandatory at the time of overhaul work on the ballots;
  • overhaul of a part of transmission units of the carrier system;
  • overhaul of the rotor hub;
  • flushing and painting of the helicopter;
  • installation and debugging;
  • ground testing and flight test preparation;
  • flyby.

2. The acquisition of the necessary components of the 1st category:

  • tail rotor blades;
  • rotor blades;
  • tail rotor control circuit;
  • hoses of hydraulic, oil, fuel and air systems;
  • cockpit glazing (according to the results of a defect).